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Graz, 14. November 2014

New Chandelier for Mosque in Muscat

Delivering our second big mosque chandelier to Muscat, the capital of the Sultanate of Oman, has been a great pleasure for us”, reports Harald Kny, CEO of the Austrian family business Kny Design. The chandelier is almost 8 m tall and was made in three months at the Kny works in Ramingdorf, Lower Austria. On its completion at the beginning of November, it embarked on its journey to Muscat by rail and sea. It will be installed in the new mosque by the end of the month.


The new chandelier for the new mosque especially impressed our client through its use of forms,” recounts Harald Kny. “The chandelier’s shape and design had to harmonize perfectly with the overall building complex. Our clients are very enthusiastic about the result, which seems to indicate that we got the design right.” The implementation of very complex forms was made possible by specially developed casting technologies. Kny Design is also a technology leader in this field.





Chandelier specifications:

Total weight: 4,500 kg

Diameter: 4.5 m

Body height: 7.7 m

Height incl. suspension rod: 13.0 m

Light output: 17,760 watts

Light effects: 78,890 Swarovski crystals

Construction time: 3 months


When you have clients all around the world, from the Arab region to Russia, India and China, it means you have to appreciate and use the energy and the differences of different cultures,” says Harald Kny about the complexity and opportunities of his business. 



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